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This is a non-standard install routine. Just answer the questions asked and follow along.

netpbm-10.73.33.tar.xz 5975e0077d126e8c48012d809fda1783

Run these commands to compile and install:

cd /sources
rm -rf netpbm-10.73.33
tar -xJf netpbm-10.73.33.tar.xz
cd netpbm-10.73.33

You should see something like this as output:

Welcome to the Netpbm install dialogue.  We will now proceed 
to interactively install Netpbm on this system.

You must have already built Netpbm and then packaged it for 
installation by running 'make package'.  See the INSTALL file.

Where is the install package you created with 'make package'?
package directory (/tmp/netpbm) ==>  

Enter the default prefix for installation locations.  I will use 
this in generating defaults for the following prompts to save you 
typing.  If you plan to spread Netpbm across your system, 
enter '/'.

install prefix (/usr/local/netpbm) ==> /usr

Where do you want the programs installed?

program directory (/usr/bin) ==>  

Installing programs...

Where do you want the shared library installed?

shared library directory (/usr/lib) ==> 

Installing shared libraries...

In order for the Netpbm shared library to be found when you invoke 
A Netpbm program, you must either set an environment variable to 
tell where to look for it, or you must put its location in the shared 
library location cache.  Do you want to run Ldconfig now to put the 
Netpbm shared library in the cache?  This works only if you have
installed the library in a directory Ldconfig knows about.

Y(es) or N(o) (Y) ==> 
Ldconfig completed successfully.

Where do you want the static link library installed?

static library directory (/usr/lib) ==> 

Installing link libraries.

Where do you want the data files installed?

data file directory (/usr/lib) ==> 

Installing data files...

Where do you want the library interface header files installed?

header directory (/usr/include) ==> 

Installing interface header files...

Where do you want the man pages installed?

man page directory (/usr/man) ==> 

Installing man pages...

You don't have a /etc/manweb.conf, which is the configuration
file for the 'manweb' program, which is a quick way to get to Netpbm
documentation.  Would you like to create one now?
create /etc/manweb.conf (Y) ==> 

Where do you want the Pkg-config file netpbm.pc installed?

Pkg-config directory (/usr/lib/pkgconfig) ==> 

Installation is complete (except where previous error messages have
indicated otherwise).

full raw output


2020-10-23 :

This is a non-standard install routine. Just answer the questions asked and follow along.

Much of the knowledge of this site came from the Linux From Scratch project and the contributors. I salute you. You rock. Linux is an operating system kernel that is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. GNU is an operating system started by Richard Stallman with a goal of freedom for computer users. Jean-Michel Jarre and Moby have accompanied me on my head phones through much of L1G3R. I've been listening to Jarre since Equinoxe. Jarre's goal is to create "anti-pattern electronic music", music that, even when repetitive, "is still in constant evolution". Moby has also had quite a bit of play on my headphones during L1G3R. His goal is "simply trying to make music that I love". I agree with Moby. I've loved everything there was here. Thank you, mountain, for the click of life. My goal is to fix chinks in the web, but I'll never know if I do; it is simply an honor to be able to climb.